The United Kingdom

The introduction to the UK

The United Kingdom is a place of many different culture's, foods, and many other things that I dont have time to list. The UK is a place of wonder and mystery and is always a special country, and that what I am here to talk about.

The Goverment of the UK

The goverment of the UK is a Constitutional monarchy and Parliamentry goverment, unlike the US which has a Federal Republic goverment.

The main language spoken in the UK

The UK has many bialengual people n there economy but the main language spoken by the people of the UK is English just like the US


The UK'S main imports are it's metals like zinc, copper, steal, ect. The main exports are Petroleam, packaged medicaments, and computers

The similarities/differences to the USA

The differences are the goverments and the the similaritie is the languages spoken by both of the countrys.