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February 24, 2020

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Check your Attitude

Attitude is huge. It can fire up conflict or heal it. Entering conflict with a positive attitude is key to saving the relationship, especially when your opponent is negative. On the flip side, a negative attitude can destroy a relationship.

Click on the positive attitude link above to dig in a little more about the process, if you are interested.

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Updates and Information

Working Agenda includes:

- Reading Academies

- Language Aquisition Reminders

- Special Education Update

  • March 18th and 19th Assistant Principal Meetings


KISD employees will have the opportunity to purchase all new ROCK T-shirts through an all-new, more user-friendly ordering process at

The money raised from ROCK apparel purchases will help bring in guest speakers and provide training to Keller ISD's faculty and community on anti-bullying and anti-harassment.

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More Professional Development for You!

Do I see myself as the number-one determinant of the success or failure of my students? Mr Kafele says that when he asks this question in professional development workshops with school leaders, it usually generates lively, passionate, and heated discussions. Some school leaders absolutely see themselves as uniquely responsible for their students’ success. They believe strongly that once their students arrive at school, those students belong to them—the outside world and its influences no longer matter. Students succeed or fail according to the school leaders’ overall performance. Excuses have no place in these school leaders’ minds. Then there are the other school leaders—the ones who find it impossible to take full responsibility for their students’ education given all of the other factors in their lives. I remind these leaders that the success of their students boils down to the attitude behind their leadership: If students are going to soar, they require school leaders who will accept nothing less than excellence from them. This fact does not in any way diminish the significance of outside variables that may adversely impact student motivation or the roles of teachers and parents. But at the end of the day, school leadership matters. When the principal can maintain the attitude that his or her overall leadership determines the success or failure of the school, students will benefit greatly. Mr Kafele likes to say, “Show me a school with extraordinary teachers in every classroom but an ineffective principal and I’ll show you an underperforming school.” You must see yourself as the number-one determinant of the success or failure of your students. How are you going to lead effectively if you lack the willingness to hold yourself accountable for your students’ achievements? If you are living out your purpose at a low-performing school, how are you going to help it grow and improve if you are not willing to point your finger at yourself first? Holding yourself accountable and refusing to fail are key elements of successful school leadership.

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