The Rush Coaster

By Rush

A Little Bit About The Rollercoaster

A thrilling but scenic ride, this new masterpiece is a brilliant and innovative roller coaster that will definitely become a favourite amongst daredevils! Taking only the best architects, engineers and constructors, us entertainers at Dreamworld bring you the Rush Coaster!

This ingenious creation is mostly aimed at those who love thrilling roller coaster rides as its best feature is definitely speed!

Quotes on the roller coaster:

Amazingly awesome!-Cam

Best roller coaster ever!-Elliot

The most thrilling roller coaster I've ever ridden!-Rush

Quotes on the Carriage:

The most futuristic carriage I've ever seen!-Elliot

I could sit in these seats all day.-Cam

It's like sitting on a sofa the whole time!-Rush