A Summer of Soccer

Northwestern University Soccer Camp

Physical Science

My pictures represent physical science because I was playing soccer. I was moving, but I was doing it scientifically because I had to time my runs so I wouldn't be offsides. I also had to focus on my touch of how hard I passed the ball so I could get it right where I wanted it. Also, I needed to know just how fast I had to dribble with the ball so the other team couldn't catch me.

The Most Interesting Part Of My Trip!

I had so much fun at Northwestern University Soccer Camp because my whole soccer team was there and we got to bond. I played goalie even though I don't usually and had so much fun; I had an amazing couple saves that could have easily been goals, but they weren't! Our team went undefeated and we were the champs of our division as well!

Three Things About Me

  1. I am athletic: I play travel soccer and ride horses.
  2. I am very outgoing: I'm not afraid to get in front of the class.
  3. I always want something to do: I don't like to have a break where I'm not doing anything.