Teirra Templada

The Land of Eternal Spring

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Rolling Hills


Before you go out you might want to grab a light jacket for the mornings and evenings when its in the 60s, but by the afternoons its in the comfy mid 70s. There is almost no frost in this region of the mountains, and feels like spring the whole year.


People living here have adapted their homes to the climates. Houses are made from concrete brick or plaster, and have tile roofs. Wealthier families may live in large estates called Haciendas.


If you are a fan of coffee you are in luck. YOu can have fresh coffee with coffee beans grown only a few miles away. At lower levels you can enjoy fresh fruit like oranges and bananas, but when you get higher up there are plentiful amounts of fresh vegetables like corn and beans.


The climate here is perfect for farming, so don't be afraid to get in the dirt. We have everything from banana plantations, to coffee bean farm, and flower farms.