The world of cricket

By Nathan.C

Where cricket started

Cricket was originated in south west England. It became the nations capital for sport back the 18th century. Then became a worldwide sport in the mid 18th century. International matches have been played since 1844. The other names they could've called cricket were: Creckett, Cricc, Cryce and Criquet(French).

T20 cricket is played in the following places

Australia-T20 Big Bash

India-Indian premier league

West indies-Caribbean cricket leuge

2014 world cup

In 2014 there were was a one day world including the following teams: Aus, Eng, Nz, Sa, Sr and West indies etc. They had two pools in the group stage and fourteen teams in total. Four went through from pool A and four also went through from pool B. The team who won the tournament were Australia by 7 wickets against New Zealand.
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