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December 20, 2019: Holiday Edition/Édition des Fêtes

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Happy Holidays! Bonnes vacances d'hiver!

Dear Families,

Our Greenie's Grapevine pool of talent has expanded for the holiday edition: hard at work to document and celebrate some of the memorable moments from the last two months have been Elizabeth, Lucas, Aiden, Sky, Drashti and Jordan. This talented team of interviewers, authors and artists are in Grades 6, 7 & 8, and have done a great job of this edition of our online student newspaper. Some of our columnists took time off this fall, but are looking forward to contributing in the new year!

It is hard to believe that our winter vacation is already here. We wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday.

All the best,

The Greenie's Grapevine Team

An Interview with our Zumba Instructor, Edward!

Most parents will know that we do Zumba about once a month, with Edward. Thank you to Aiden for his excellent interview, which is transcribed below (the interview has been condensed by the editor).

Aiden: How did your passion for dance start?

Edward: I was never a dancer. I just started dancing 8 years ago. I did a placement here at Henderson when I was in Post-Secondary, and I liked working with youth. I worked for the Y, and ran a program called “Fit Fun Days” and the first school I went to was here! Normally, at the end of that program we danced…but I couldn’t hire a dance instructor to do it for me, so I had to learn. So I choreographed 3 very simple songs, and I started teaching them here, and after that it went all over. As I started dancing, I felt more comfortable with dance, and it became not just a fitness thing for me…when I see you guys dancing, it lifts my spirits up, it makes me so happy. And then I started to realize that dance is a form of self expression. When you are dancing up on the stage, and people are dancing with you, they are sharing that expression with you. The best way to target that stigma that girls are the only people who can dance, is by sharing an expression like that…that comes back at me, and I see a lot of the Grade 8 boys coming up on the stage, and that is amazing!

Aiden: How do you remember what dance moves to do?

Edward: Before I choreograph a song, I read the lyrics and I count each lyric, and then I have to practice…I sometimes forget, but I try to count the change in the lyrics and the change in the beat so that I don’t forget. But I’ll tell you a secret: if you see me go like this (dancing around in circles) that means I forgot the move, and I’m trying to think while I’m going around!

Aiden: When do you think you will stop dancing, and how old do you think you will be?

Edward: As long as my knees work, I’ll keep dancing! I really love it and I love to see the kids’ expression, and I love to see people dancing. I’m going to keep dancing as long as I can, and then maybe you guys will take the reins and lead for me!

Thank you Edward! We love dancing with you!

An Interview with M Jacques and M Heroux: Junior Volleyball Coaches

We did two interviews one on Mr.Jacques and one on Mr.Héroux they were the co-coaches of the Junior volleyball teams. Mr.Jacques says that the girls and boys teams both improved so much throughout the season. Mr.Héroux says that it was his first year coaching but had so much fun learning about the students in a different perspective.Here some questions that we had about the volleyball season. The tournaments for the Junoir girls was on November 22nd and the boys volleyball tournament was on November 25th.

Les questions:

Est-ce votre première fois comme entraîneur de volleyball?

M Jacques: NON

M Héroux: OUI

Jouez-vous au volleyball?

M Jacques: OUI

M Héroux: OUI

Qu'avez-vous aimé au sujet de l'entraînement cette saison?

M Jacques: Enseigner aux enfants les règles du volley-ball et les différents mouvements du volley-ball.

M Héroux: Voir les enfants dans une perspective différente, puis en classe.

Quels sont les mouvements en volleyball?


Combien d'enfants étaient dans chaque équipe?

12 filles

13 garçons

La danse pour l'Halloween/Halloween Dance

La danse d'Halloween a été un énorme succès ici à Henderson. Les enfants ont aimé manquer le cours pendant une heure, la musique était super et les lignes de conga étaient très populaires. La cantine a récolté beaucoup d'argent pour l'école, et tant de gens se sont éclatés! Beaucoup de gens sont allés à la danse mais il y avait une salle de jeux et une salle de cinéma. Il y avait des gens qui sont allés à la salle de cinéma pour regarder "Wreck It Ralph" et d'autres qui sont allés à la salle de jeux. Les deux options étaient plus calmes. Peu importe où vous étiez à la danse, à la salle de jeu ou film, tout le monde s'est bien amusé.

The Halloween dance was a huge hit here at Henderson. The kids thoroughly enjoyed missing class for an hour, the music was great and the conga lines were very popular. The canteen raised a lot of money for the school, and so many people had a blast! lots of people went to the dance but there was a games room and movie room. There were some people who went to the movie room to watch “Wreck It Ralph” and some people who went to the games room. Both options were more quiet. No matter where you were, everyone had a blast.

Remembrance Day Assembly

On November 11th we had our Remembrance Day ceremony. Students,staff and families were invited to come to our school gym and remember all of the soldiers and medics who died in both World War 1 and 2. We were exited to have Major Richard Harris who gave us a special speech about his memories of the war. We also had students who did different presentations to remind us about how lucky we are, including poems, songs, speeches and family stories. We also had classes that made art to decorate the gym walls,and much much more. All is remembered at J.R.Henderson, lest we forget.

Le 11 Novembre, nous avons eu notre cérémonie du jour du Souvenir, où les étudiants, le personnel et les familles ont été invités à venir dans notre gymnase de l'école et se souvenir de tous les soldats et les médecins décédés dans les deux guerres mondiales. Nous avons été excité d’avoir accueilli Major Richard Harris qui nous a fait un discours spécial à propos de ses souvenirs de la guerre. Nous avons également eu des étudiants qui ont fait différentes présentations pour nous rappeler à quel point nous avons de la chance; poèmes, chansons, discours, histoires de famille, et nous avons également eu des cours qui ont fait de l'art pour décorer les murs du gymnase, et bien plus encore, mais tout se souvient chez J.R.Henderson, de ne pas n'oublions.


Holiday Fun Facts

Winter Solstice 2019 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 11:19 p.m. on

Saturday, December 21st. All times are in Eastern Time.

Christmas is on the 25th of December . We also use Christmas advent calenders that start December 1 filled with treats, chocolate or toys.

The eight-day Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah begins at sundown on Sunday, December 22, and ends at sundown on the 30th.

December 31st is New Year's Eve a day to celebrate a new year.

Chinese New Year is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year is on Saturday, January 25, 2020

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