by yuriana osegueda

Interesting facts about Fiji

The capital of Fiji is Suva sense the year 1877. Suva has a tropical rain forest climate and averages are 3,000 and 118 in of precipitation. There are 320 island and 105 are inhabited. Guns are illegal in Fiji, if you are found with one you can get a sentence to jail. Smoking it legal in Fiji, but prohibited in many buildings and hotels. In Fiji we use the metric system. Fiji has no casinos, so therefore you are allowed to play the local lottery. There is over 80% of Fiji called Native Land. It has the most popularly brand of water call ``Fiji`` and its the (earth finest water). It also was a British colony for 96 years.
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I want to go to Fiji and the place Suva. I always wanted to go because of to because it has great beaches and i could go every day. The destination is so great because it has it own water named after it.
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The day I am going is June 16 threw June 23. It is 7 day vacation; it is going it will take twenty hours and 40 minutes. It will cost $1,619: Im going in a airplane. I will stay at a hotels called Holiday Inn Suva. The totals cost is for the hotel $865.97.
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WiFi is available also there is an outdoor pool. There is n golf 18 holes and tennis court. Animals (pets) are not allowed in the hotel. I will need to have extra money to play som of the activies


I will go