Holifield Happenings

October 15, 2015

Upcoming Events

Oct. 20 (Tues) - Beta Club officer application due

Oct. 21 (Wed) - Beta Club (7:15 am)

Oct. 22 (Thurs) - End of 1st 9 weeks; Early Release

Oct. 24 (Sat) - Ray Tanner Fun Run

Oct. 26 (Mon) - Dr. Doug

Oct. 29 (Thurs) - Report cards go home

Oct. 30 (Fri) - PBIS Ice Cream Social (35 hands) This is a date change and a change in the number of hands needed.

Oct. 30 (Fri) - All Pro Dads; Pumpkin Investigations in our classroom.

Nov. 3 (Tues) - Celebration of Learning

Nov. 6 (Fri) - Moms Make a Difference

Social Studies: Native American Unit begins on Monday.

Reading: Genre will never be "done", but we are moving on to a different focus: informational text features and informational text structures.

In Writing, we are wrapping up the research and will now focus on putting it all together to create the finished product, the informational "book". Cursive handwriting has begun, and the Caesar's English word study list is growing.

In Science, the Scientific Inquiry test is tomorrow! Yay! And the children will try to "save Fred"! They can't wait! :D The Science Inquiry chapter in their Science notebooks will be due on Tuesday. I encouraged the children to consider it due first thing Tuesday morning. However, they know that they may use whatever snippets of time they find on that day to work if they need to do so. Our next chapter in Science will be Weather.

In Math, we are ready for a check-up. We will have a test on Tuesday. Your child should be able to identify and discuss square numbers, prime numbers, factors, multiples, & prime factorization. Our next step will be traditional multiplication with 2-digit by 2-digit numbers.

New Parent Conference Sign-Up

I have other dates and times that I can have a conference in the last week of the month, but I wanted to complete as many of them next week as possible. Please let me know if the options on this sign-up don't work for you. I understand that some of you travel for work and such. No worries! We will figure this out. :-)