Hero or Villain?

Jackson Democracy and universal white male suffrage, Spoils System, Indian Relocation Trail of Tears

Jackson Democracy and universal white male suffrage:

  • Needed certain property requirements to vote

  • Only rich white men could vote

  • Poor people can not vote

  • Slaves were not allowed to vote

  • Women were not allowed to vote either

  • Industrial Wage started to create dependent laborers

  • In 1840, more than 90% of white men could vote

Spoils System:
  • Jackson was trying to reform the government

  • Jackson said it necessary and overdue

  • The Spoils System was about hiring and firing federal workers

  • Jackson believed that some of his workers were blocking some of his initiatives

  • Jackson had hired over 700 federal workers

Indian Relocation Trail of Tears:
  • Jackson was removing indians of their ancestral lands

  • Southern and Western states approved on what Jackson was doing

  • Thousands of Sac and Fox indians went back to Illinois as a militia

  • The militia was led by Black Hawk

  • Cherokees of Georgia used legal action against the government

  • Jackson ignored the Indians and was furious

Tariff of Abominations, Bank War, Peggy Eaton Affair

Tariff of Abominatiobns:

  • He accepted a law that raised the cost of living in the south. It raised the cost of living in the south because it was help import good and help with northern and western agriculture.
Bank War:
  • Jackson had vetoed a bill calling for an early renewal of the Second Bank’s charter, but renewal was still possible when the charter expired in 1836; to prevent that from happening, he set out to reduce the bank’s economic power.

Role in War of 1812, "King Andrew I" Nickname, Slavery

Role in War of 1812:

  • Major General in war

  • Prepared defenses for New Orleans

  • Led men from Kentucky and Tennessee

  • Stopped 7,500 british soldiers

  • Forced Britain to evade the region

"King Andrew I" Nickname:

  • Vetoed a lot

  • Military background

  • He gave presidents the most power

  • Those against called him this name

  • Around death had 150 slaves

  • slaves worked and lived on property

  • Source of wealth

  • Cash crop was cotton

  • The Hermitage

  • 1,000 acre plantation

Hero or Villain?

We believe that Andrew Jackson is a villain.