Author Summary

Luke Cooper

H. A. Rey

In 1941, Paris, Hans Augusto Rey wrote a book titled “Curious George” because after writing some books, he decided that Curious George deserved a book of its own. He had to escape from the Nazis that were invading Paris on a makeshift bike with the Curious George manuscript. When he was younger he sold bathtubs as a family business. But sadly, he is currently deceased.

The mood and characters.

In his books a lot of his moods result in happiness because, they solve a problem that they had. Like in his Curious George Goes to The Zoo book George gets out of a little car they were driving in to play with other animals, but that made the zookeeper unhappy so he got back in the car and everyone was happy again.

Also, in his books he features the characters Betsy and The man in the Yellow Hat quite a lot. Betsy is a friend of George because they were always doing something fun together like building a sand castle. And from the books, The man in the Yellow Hat is Georges owner he is always watching out for George and taking care of him.