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All About Botticelli

Born in 1445 in Florence, Italy and died on May 7 ,1510, in Florence Italy.

He was the son of a tanner and spent most of his life in Florence and was trained by an Fra Filippo Lippi and when he was a alone study hard type person. Not much about his personal life which supports this.

His training was done by an unknown name and the prime practitioner was Andrea del Verrocchio because of Botticelli's Florentine style.

He was always painting, he was close with the Medici. He had to keep his art secret so no one would take it. A lot of alone time because there is not known a lot about his personal life. His family was close to him and had many brothers.

Fortitude(1470) and St Sebastian(1474) were Boticellis paintings that featured the human as the center of the painting. Spring and the Birth of venus were made for Lorenzo. After 1490, Botticelli focused on paintings with smaller figures like Calumny of Apelles.

The Medici specifically associated with Lorenzo.

Botticelli's isms would be classicism because he used new math to enhance older architecture and paintings. The other is Secularism because in his paintings he liked to not just do religious paintings.

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Botticelli's : Spring And The Birth Of Venus

Created in 1482. During the early part of his art career.

Located in The Uffizi gallery in Florence, Italy

His style emphasized the human figure, with dense modeling, sharp contour, and linear rhythm. So this piece resembles his style very well in that it shows human figure very much.

This piece shows Venus so that relates to classicism. Venus is running out of a clam and pearls come out of clams. Venus is also known as the goddess of beauty. There are angels around her and she is born already full grown which shows her immortality.

This piece is so significant because it is one of the best pieces to show Botticelli's style of art like human power and relating to Rome.

The ism is classicism definitely because it shows the classic goddess venus combined with new ideas like her beauty being displayed like a pearl.

I think this is so interesting because anyone can interpret the picture differently in many ways because it shows Venus in three different forms. Gives you something to think about.

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