2012 Year In Review

Simon/Solomon Household


Jack turned 7 this April, my how time flies! He graduated 1st grade and is mid-way through 2nd grade. Math is his favorite subject and he likes to count everything (especially $’s!). He was very involved in sports this year playing basketball, soccer (both spring and fall) and baseball (both spring and fall). For short period between sports season he took piano lessons and participated in his first concert. Let's not forget his favorite spectator sport.. NASCAR!


Stephanie likes many of her co-workers at CA, and likes some the projects she is working on and still does some occasional travel. An opportunity came up to travel to India but fell through, perhaps next year. Everyone knows how much she likes spicy cuisine! She did through a co-worker discovered she very much enjoys sailing and was lucky to sail in Boston Harbor, the coast of Maine, and little old Lake Crabtree in Raleigh! She wishes we lived closer to a large body of water to pursue this interest.


Chuck sold his handyman business early this year and has started off on new ventures transforming how people take care and manage their homes (see www.NestHI.com and www.HomeSpotHQ.com). He also managed to hit the gym more often and the MacDonald's drive-thru less often and dropped 30 pounds this year. Not quite his goal but movement in the desired direction. Helping to coach Jack's baseball and soccer teams was his favorite leisure time activity.

Our travels:

This year brought us to the following exotic destinations:

  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Coastal Maine
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Washington DC
  • Salt Lake City, Park City,and Moab, Utah

Our doors are always open to visitors with rather comfy accommodations and the cuisine isn’t bad either. Winter, spring and autumn are good times to come visit. The summer is too hot and we try to leave during those months.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!


Chuck, Stephanie & Jack