Knights School Counseling News

Vol. 8

March Madness

Hello! March has been busy in the School Counseling Office! What happened in March? Read on!

  • We have done all course requests for next year
  • Continued individual sophomore
  • Began freshmen visits
  • Had both 5th grade classrooms visit from Seton Academy
  • Field trips for the sophomores (CV-Tec Career Day) and juniors (College 101)
  • Open House
  • International Potluck Dinner
  • Clinton County Youth Bureau's Leadership Conference
  • And a distracted driving assembly with Jacy Good! I know why I am so tired!!! Despite how busy it has been we are NOT slowing down! Please continue reading for upcoming events!

Career Day at CV-Tec

On March 10th all of our sophomores visited CV-Tec for their annual Career Day. Each student chose 3 different classes to sit it on at CV-Tec. This was a great opportunity for our students to see what CV-Tec has to offer and to learn more about careers. If any of your student came home wanting to learn even more CV-Tec will be holding an Open House on April 14th from 6-7:30pm. If you would like more information don't hesitate to ask me or call 561-0100 ext 241

College 101

On March 23rd all of our juniors attended College 101 at Clinton Community College. They were able to attend a small college fair and speak with college representatives. They then sat in on a Q&A panel with admission advisors, followed by a Q&A panel with students from Clinton, RIT, Clarkson, and UVM. Besides the obvious benefits for the students I want to let you know a couple benefits that might not be so obvious. Earlier in the year I met with all of the juniors individually. We talked about their interests as well as where they were in the college process (most not far!) Through these meetings, and more time together throughout the school year, I was able to point students towards colleges and the representatives that would be a good fit based on interests and/or career goals. Another benefit is that the students that weren't thinking much about college are now thinking more about it and came back to school with questions. These questions will lead to three more workshops for them (and their parents/guardians)before the end of the year so you can look towards summer with more confidence! More information on the workshops is listed below.
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Upcoming Workshops

"The Importance of High School" April 19th 9th Period (during school)

This workshop is for 8th graders to learn about the high school transcript and how now impacts their life after high school.

"Graduation Requirements and Future Planning" Tuesday April 19th @ 5:30pm

This Workshop is for sophomore parents and we will go over graduation requirements, AP and CAP classes and the difference between them, as well as what should you be doing now to plan for life after high school.

"Competitive SUNY College Workshop" Tuesday May 3rd @ TBA

This workshop is for junior parents and will be presented by Theresa Figuerado-Malay, an admissions counselor from SUNY Binghamton and she will go more in depth about the competitive SUNY colleges. We have a hard time getting representatives from the competitive SUNY colleges to come to our school and meet with students so this is a GREAT opportunity.

"Financial Aid Workshop" TBA

This workshop is still in the works but will be offered for junior parents as the financial aid process is going to change drastically next year and students graduating in 2017 (our current juniors) will be able to file the FAFSA this coming October.

"Common App Workshop" TBA

This workshop is still in the works but it will be for current juniors. I will be working with the students to understand the Common Application process because they can begin it this summer and have it carry over to next fall. This will also be a chance for the students to ask me any questions they may have before they leave for the summer.

Upcoming Field Trips

SUNY Plattsburgh North Country Day April 18th 9:30-1:30pm

All juniors will attend a field trip to SUNY Plattsburgh and they will get an overview of SUNY Plattsburgh's programs as well as a Q&A with a student panel. They will also get a tour of the college, dorms, and get to eat in the dining hall! This is a really great event for students even if they do not plan on attending SUNY Plattsburgh. When students leave they understand what a college tour is like and quickly see the benefit of going on one. This year I organized a tour for the seniors and I know that many of them learned so much about SUNY Plattsburgh and were surprised at all of the offerings in their backyard. Please look for the permission slip to come home tomorrow!

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Important Dates

  • Junior North Country Day April 18th
  • Graduation Requirements and Future Planning April 19th @ 5:30pm 10th grade Parents/Guardians
  • Competitive SUNY College Workshop May 3rd 11th grade Parents/Guardians
  • AP English Test May 4th 8am (seniors that are in the AP class and signed up)
  • AP Calculus Test May 5th 8am (seniors that are in the AP class and signed up)
  • AP United States History Test May 6th 8am (juniors that are in the AP class and signed up)
  • SAT May 7th (registration deadline April 8th)
  • AP Biology Test May 9th 8am (juniors and seniors that are in the AP class and signed up)
  • ACT June 11th (registration deadline May 6th)
  • SAT June 4th (registration deadline May 5th)