GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of April 8, 2019

Dear Team,

Happy Sunday! What awesome weather this weekend! I loved opening the windows for the first time since Fall and getting outdoors to clean up a bit. Hopefully you found time to take in some fresh air this weekend too. This week we will face another five day week before looking a head at two short weeks. I'm not going to lie, some of these five days week's can feel more like a month. After a tricky Friday, I took time Saturday to get outside for a run. I put my headphones on, turned on Aaptiv (my favorite fitness app) and hit the pavement. Everything was going really well until I hit 20 minutes. The my legs were burning, my eyes were watering, I couldn't breathe...I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it to the end of the workout. Meanwhile, in my headphones this crazy coach lady keeps chiming in, "You're going to make it", "Remember your why", This is where you get stronger". I pretty much wanted to crawl into my phone and strangle her. But her encouragement and coaching ultimately got me to the end of the work out. I found myself looking for little milestones and then air hi-fiving mailboxes when I passed them. And then as if I couldn't punish myself anymore, I did the same thing again this morning. Low and behold, that coach got me through another workout along with visualizing small goals and celebrating each time I met one. When I sat down to write today's newsletter I couldn't help but smile at the comparison to our Race to the Finish campaign. I saw so many awesome things this week from goal setting, to motivating, to staff members digging in and supporting one another. We're all a little like that crazy lady in my headphones. We have to keep encouraging each other so that we can bring our best self into school every day. We need to set small goals and celebrate when we make it. What's your goal this week?


PS-When you see me hobbling along tomorrow or unable to get up off the floor, it's okay, just give me the ole' air high five and keep moving. I'll get moving eventually.

News to Share

1. OST testing will begin Tuesday! We will have students in small groups throughout the building so it's really important that we practice our level 0 voice. Ginna sent out a very important testing email on Wednesday. Even if you are not giving the test, please read through it carefully to make sure that you are ready to support our students. Most importantly to note is the schedule change for Tuesday and Wednesday this week and next.

Specials Schedule will be as follows:

Kindergarten - normal time

First grade: 9:45 - 10:25

Second grade: 10:30 - 11:10

Third grade: 1:05 - 1:45

Fourth grade: 1:50 - 2:30

2. Purple Up Big Walnut! April is the month of the military child. Please remind your students and families to go purple this Friday!

3. Big Walnut Student Council would like your support for the second annual Law Officer Night of Appreciation. Last year, with your help, we were able to honor our men and women in blue with a ceremony and dinner. Attached you will find the activities we would like your students to complete. In trying to keep it simple for everyone, you will find that the projects are the same as last year. As always, if you have other ideas we would love to hear from you. Please consider being a part of this wonderful event. Email if you are willing to help, or if you have any questions.

4. A final reminder that Big Walnut Local Schools will be hosting a screening of the documentary, Screenagers. This event will be held at BWMS this Thursday, April 11th starting at 6:30 pm. This event is free and all are welcome! Please make sure you RSVP if you plan to attend. I know I'm excited to see it and look forward to discussing it with anyone else who is able to make it.

Screenagers is a documentary that focuses on the habits that children develop by using their mobile devices. Throughout the film, families are seen dealing with the consequences (often serious) related to excessive screen time or screen time without boundaries. The film focuses on the connection between mental health and how much tech time can impact a child’s development. This documentary also highlights the benefits of finding the balance of screen time and screen- free time and offers some solutions for parents. For a sneak peak of this film, click here.

5. BWMS Service Day is coming! Check out the following information from Josh Frame. We are excited to announce our 4th Annual BWMS Service Day on Friday April 26th, 2019. Once again, we anticipate that Assisting Teachers at various schools within Big Walnut will be a popular choice. There are two main programs at our Schools:

1. Reading Program (Grades PreK-1) Students will read a story and complete corresponding activities to support comprehension and social skills development

2. Teacher Assistance (Grades PreK-12) Students with an interest in Education will be available to support a classroom with needed areas from 9:20-12:00 as selected by the teacher.

6. Our staff meeting is this Thursday, April 11th at 7:30. Here is the DRAFT agenda for this meeting. Tutors, please make plans to attend.

7. SLO data is due to me by April 26th. I've got several walkthroughs to do so as a reminder, if I come in with my laptop, it's a good sign it's your walkthrough.

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Week at a Glance

Monday, April 1- C Day;

Tuesday, April 2 D Day; Box Tops Due; PTO @ 6:30

Wednesday, April 3 - A Day; Yoga at 4:15; Happy Birthday Jarrett Wampler!

Thursday, April 4- B Day; Staff Meeting at 7:30; Dress Comfy for Race to the Finish! Encourage kids to join in too!; 9:30 ALICE Situational Drill; Screenagers at 6:30; Party with the Principal and will have a BIG party with winners who have not celebrated at 11:30. You will be contacted directly if you have students who will participate in this.

Friday, April 5- C Day;

Upcoming Important Dates:

April 9 Box Tops Due

April 9 & 10 3rd and 4th Grade Ohio State Test-English Language Arts

April 11 Screenagers at 6:30

April 12 Kindergarten Field Trip & Purple Up!

April 15 & 17 1st Grade Music Informances

April 16 & 17 3rd and 4th Grade Ohio State Test-Mathematics

April 19 No School

April 22 No School

April 25 Art Show

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