Mrs. Rise and Ms. Koepfle

4th Grade Newsletter

Save the Date

  • Field Trip to Little Red School House: Wednesday, February 3 (9:00-11:00)
  • Pioneer Day at Livingston Lodge: Thursday, February 4
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration: Thursday, February 11 (2:30-3:15)
  • Teacher Inservice/No School for Students: Friday, February 12
  • Presidents’ Day/No School for Students: Monday, February 15
  • Special Presentation by Cincinnati Zoo on Cats: Thursday, February 18

ELA/Social Studies

Our fourth grade students have been busy this month! We began the month learning how to determine important vs. interesting information while reading an informational text. This is a difficult skill that can be practiced more at home if reading non-fiction! Our focus was looking for the following “5 Ws” while reading: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

We practiced this skill by researching the important events that led the colonists to signing the Declaration of Independence. Students transformed into research reporters as they read and analyzed texts about each important event, including the Proclamation of 1763, the Stamp Act, the Sugar Act, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Ask your child which event was his/her favorite!

Our culminating project will be an informative essay and Google Slide presentation about the events that led to the American Revolution. Students will choose their three favorite events to write about. We will also study the elements of a 5 paragraph essay, including an introduction, detail paragraphs, and conclusion.

Looking Ahead

In February, we will begin studying the Northwest Territory and westward expansion. We are looking forward to Pioneer Days, which will show students what life was like for pioneers who chose to move west to the Ohio Territory! This will be an unforgettable learning experience and we are grateful for all the parent volunteers that make this event possible.


In math class, students have been investigating the world of fractions. In unit 6, our mathematicians have been learning how to recognize equivalent fractions and how to reduce fractions to simplest form. Students have also learned how to compare and order fractions, using the least common denominator. In unit 7, students will learn to add and subtract fractions, as well as learn how to rename fractions and mixed numbers. Additional practice with these skills and concepts are available to your child on Khan Academy or

Please continue to encourage your child to practice the basic facts each night. At school, we encourage students to use an online resource called Reflex Math. Your child has an account, which he or she may access at home.

Fourth graders are expected to be able to complete 30 multiplication facts within one minute. Knowing the facts well helps students to be successful with the new skills and concepts that we are working on in our fraction units. Thank you for your support.


In January, our scientists wrapped up our electricity unit. Students really enjoyed participating in labs in which they were able to build simple circuits to light bulbs and make motors run. Fourth graders also experimented with adding a switch to a simple circuit, enabling them to turn a bulb or motor on or off. Our scientists learned that conductors are materials that allow electricity to flow, but insulators are materials that stop the flow of electricity in a circuit.

Looking Ahead

During the month of February, our fourth grade scientists are going to use their research skills to study endangered animals and how environmental changes may impact the survival of an organism. Our scientists will learn that plants and animals have traits and behaviors that impact their survival. We will look forward to sharing our published feature articles with you at the end of this unit.