Cannon Elementary Learning Commons

October 2015

Now Scheduling MackinVIA Orientations!

All scholars and teachers should now be able to sign into their personal MackinVIA account! Username and password for MackinVIA are our individual/standard GCISD login (minus the Need help getting your class logged in? Mrs. Berumen is HAPPY to come help your class get logged in and reading e-books!

Already logged in and ready to schedule an orientation lesson? E-mail Mrs. Berumen for a 45 minute slot! Scholars will learn how to find ebooks, access our databases, and download copyright friendly pictures!

Have you tried Britannica Image Quest?

Need copyright friendly images for you or your scholars school projects? We have access to over a million awesome photos through our Britannica Image Quest database! Download as many as you need free (and stress free!) from the Britannica Image Quest database found in your MackinVIA account!

Let's keep our scholars safe searching for images!

October 6th-Global Read Aloud Kickoff

We're kicking off #GRA15 at CannonReads on October 6th! Want to participate? Let Mrs. Berumen know ASAP and click above to sign up now!

Sneak A Peek Now: Annual Storybook Pumpkin Challenge

Click here for a sneak peek of our annual storybook pumpkin challenge newsletter!

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Coming Soon: Grades 3-5 Annual Battle of the Bluebonnets!

During the Week of October 19th, we'll be introducing the Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominees to all 3-5th grade scholars! Scholars will battle it out "Book Talk" style for their favorite Bluebonnets!

Book your time with Mrs. Berumen NOW! :)

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Coming Soon: Grades K-2 New Texas 2x2 Tournament of Books!

New to CannonReads this year! Scholars in grades K-2 can join Mrs. Berumen and VOTE for their favorite Texas 2x2 Book tournament style! Here's how to participate:

  • Schedule (2) Texas 2x2 Read Alouds with Mrs. Berumen during the month of October!
  • Every other session, scholars will vote for their favorite Texas 2x2 until we declare a winner for the month of October!
  • Love, love, love it? Continue this pattern for the months of November, December, January and February!
  • K-2 will declare their winner for the 2015-2016 school year in March just in time for March Madness! :)
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