HyperDoc Lesson Drop-in Day 5-5-16

Get a quick intro to HyperDoc Lesson Design

Drop in during Your Prep On May 5th (Lunchroom) to Learn about HyperDoc lessons

On Thursday, May 5, stop in to the lunchroom to learn about how to create HyperDocs. You can use this lesson design to engage students and support student-centered learning opportunities. I will start 10 minutes after the beginning of the period and end with 10 minutes left during each period on 5-5-16.
Edu on Air: Extreme pedagogy makeover using Multimedia Text Sets & HyperDocs

HyperDoc Drop-in at the Lunchroom

Thursday, May 5th, 9:30am-3:15pm

29070 Paseo Escuela

Laguna Niguel, CA

Come to the Lunchroom to learn about creating HyperDocs during your prep period. Judy Blakeney will provide training, starting at 10 minutes after the period begins, and ending 10 minutes before the end of the period.

Just Drop In and Learn