iPad Rollout Day

Friday, September 11th


  • iPads are already checked out to the student and their ID card is on the back of the case

  • 3rd and 4th - They are already in the numbered slot that has been assigned to them…They HAVE to keep this same slot each day (check this prior to Friday morning and make sure the numbers on the roster you have been given match with the student names)

  • In the beginning-the teacher needs to be the one that unplugs them all in the morning and plugs them back in in the afternoon

  • It is the teacher’s responsibility to check and be sure that all iPads are in the cart and that the cart is locked EVERY day before leaving.

  • If cords are broken-it is the school’s responsibility to replace these.

  • Carts may NOT be unlocked if you have a sub-no exceptions. Please do not ask!

  • You have received a roster with the names of students who will not be getting an iPad…a student must have paid/or have a waiver and have the necessary paperwork to get their iPad. Please let your students know that we have tried very hard to get their parents to complete this information and it is not their fault. They WILL get their iPad when we receive their information. Pair them with a buddy so they can do all activities. We DO NOT want any student upset on this day. We will set aside Monday, Sept. 14th from 7:30-3:00 for parents to come in and complete the paperwork or pay for iPads for students that don’t get them on the 11th.

  • Snap a picture of the stickers with passwords/ID's so you will have this information in case students forget them. (Keep this in a locked place where no one but you has access to it!)

Before you give out iPads...

Please talk about the following:

-3rd/4th -Set the procedures for how students will get and return iPads each day and have the students practice doing this several times. Having the SAME routine will be VERY important. This may seem insignificant, but getting them passed out quickly, with a smooth transition will be important each day.

-Stress the importance of procedures to students and let them know you will be checking the cart each day before they leave.

-You will need to do an iPad check as soon as students return to your room if they were asked to take them to activity, resource, or ESOL. Students should NEVER take them to lunch.

-Watch the following video:


-You will need to practice walking and carrying the iPads correctly. Model this and don’t assume they know how to do this! There will need to be consequences if they can’t do it correctly.

-Remind 5th grade students that they need to pack their iPads in their book-bags and cannot carry these in their arms to car and/or bus dismissal. They may not be out in the car line or on the bus.

-Next pass out their Apple-ID Stickers…4th and 5th grade students MUST stick these on the inside front cover of their agendas… 3rd grade students ( you will have to decide where you suggest they go since you do not use agendas)

-You can distribute their iPads.

Next Steps...

# 1 You will use the following video to walk the students through setting up their iPad. This is a step by step video and you will be able to pause it so that all students can complete each task.


As you see students who are breezing through this, use this as an opportunity to make a few Tech Experts in your room that can help others. This will be helpful for you and your students.

****Don’t panic if they can’t get in right away. We do anticipate problems. You will need to bring your "patience" to school tomorrow and monitor and adjust. We will have tech helpers in the STEM room and have additional activity teachers in your room providing assistance. Once you have tried at least times to log a student in and it has been unsuccessful-then you can send them to the STEM room.

For students who are not able to log on-please pair them with a buddy that is able to access their account that day. The concept of having a backup plan will not only be important for tomorrow, but for any day that you plan to use iPads with your instruction.****

#2 You will need to have a discussion about being tech smart and using the internet safely. Go ahead and set the expectations that if a student gets to an inappropriate site, they should let you know immediately without involving other students and making a huge disruption during class. Unfortunately-this is one negative aspect of technology, but we want to set the expectations for how to appropriately handle it. Also, please discuss that no pictures taken in the classroom or at school should be posted on any social media.

#3 No bedazzling! Students may NOT change cases and they may not put stickers, monograms etc. on the cases. They should treat these just like textbooks-they are school property.

# 4 “Apples Up”-this will be the unified school code word for times when the iPads are not being used. Teach this to your students and have them practice…if you say “Apples Up” then ALL students should quickly turn them over where you can see the apples and know they are not using them. Remember these are resources and tools and should not be used the entire day and as "time-fillers" when students finish their work.

Do a few “Apples Up” drills throughout this first day/week to reinforce this.

#5 They should NEVER lay the iPads in the floor and NEVER have drinks and snacks near them.

Fun Time with the iPad...Blendspace Options

-Use the blendspace to guide your introduction to the iPad and being a digital citizen.

-Remember that when it is your recess time, go outside and talk about the importance of being active and tech-savvy. We do not want our students spending all their time on their iPads; it is important to be active too.

-Please download the following apps in addition to those that you suggest for students to download: Canvas, QR Reader, TenMarks, Google Drive