Firefighter gear

Gear for figherfighters

firefighter gear

Firefighters equipment is used widely throughout the U.S based on a NASA development that coupled Agency design expertise that has lightweight materials developed for the United States Space Program.A space project that linked NASA and the National Bureau of Standards resulted in a very lightweight breathing system including face mask,frame,harness,and air bottle,using an aluminum composite material developed by NASA for use on rocket casings.Aerospace technology has been beneficially transferred to civil-use applications for many years,but perhaps the broadest fire-related technology transfer energy inhalation. //

Why would NASA make firefighter gear

With high temperatures on surfaces that were exposed to sunlight and extreme cold in the shadows,the nature of astronaut work means that NASA has a very good interest in materials that can withstand such environments.
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How is this firefighter gear used on Earth

Firefighter gear is used on Earth for protection against intense fires.It is also used to go into fires and not get burned as easily.

How is firefighter gear used in space

Firefighter is not used in space but it is used for protection against fire in different places.