The Mood

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

How I Felt

After reading this book, I felt the mood of the book was that of sadness. I felt sad that Matty, the protagonist dies at the end in order to save a bunch of people who are behaving badly.

At the beginning of the book I felt somewhat skeptical about the story. It started with Raymond talking to Matty about a gaming machine that Raymond encountered at some point. It made me second guess whether or not I would like the book. As the plot thickened, I felt more pleased with the read because it was finally giving details about adventures. It made me feel as if I must finish the book because I was entrapped within it.

Towards the end of the book, I sensed a tragedy was going to happen because of the way the story was developing. As Matty and Kira struggled through their journey back to see Kira's father at the Village, I felt a lot of emotions in it such as hope, happiness and sadness.

At the end, as I mentioned before, I felt sadness because Matty had become such a great character and had died.