Sped Weekly Update

Week of February 22nd

VERY IMPORTANT: LRE Consultation Forms

IF you have predicted any of your students on your caseload into a more restrictive environment please complete a consultation form. Please include:

  • Data collected to make your decisions
  • Interventions performed
  • Examples of modifications used in the specific class you are looking to move to a more restrictive environment


* More information from Ms. Perry coming out soon*

I will be around this week to have face to face conversations so that you can look at projected classes for next year.

This is always very helpful to see if you see any major patterns, preferred groupings of students, errors, or someone that you know may or may not belong in classes.

Candidates for Credit Retrieval for Next School Year

Do you have 11th graders who will enter 12th grade still having 11th grade status? Do you have students whom you feel will struggle greatly in their senior year and will not be able to graduate on time.?

Credit Retrieval may be something to take a look at. Please email me all respective candidates asap.

Senior Case Managers

**Important Changes to Aspen/Meeting Procedures**

When you have a determination AND you aren't planning on changing the IEP for the determination you still need to go ahead in the draft IEP and change:

  • the start dates (on detail page, service page, and transition stuff),
  • print and sign PWN
  • and sign IEP.

Because you have to do this, you can feel free to amend any other areas needed at that time. If you do not do this, an error will come up when Central Office runs it for Census.

Aspen Items to Remember:

  • Delete all previous transition assessment

  • All mods/accoms need to be attached to a goal

  • 3 transition assessments needed

Medicad Forms

When you have an IEP please print out the Medicad Forms in the form section. You can print it just as you print the Prior Written Notice.

PC College Planning Forum for Parents, Students, and Teachers!

Would be an awesome, valuable experience for parents and students. Could you email the link to your caseload??

Link to sign up: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ec4hwzzp28c9a58e&llr=87gazgoab

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