by Kelsey Roach

Basic Facts

Capital; New Delhi


Type of Government: Fedral repubic


Currency: Rupee

Major Industries:Textiles, software

Natural Resources: coal, Ironore


Continent: Asia

Borders: China, Pakistan, Nepel, Bhvtan, Burma

Bodies of Water:Arabian sea

Weather and Climate:varies froom tropic al monsoon in south to temperate in north

Shape:the flower

Customs and Culture

Three popular foods: Barfi,alumatar,alugobi

Important Holidays;Seearlso,national holiday, gurunanak

Traditional Clothing:dress

Major Religions:Lilina scott

Favorite Sport or Past time Soccer, Basketball

Interesting Facts

Two famous landmarks in my country are Taj Mahal, the red fort

The major airport in a large city is: Liliana Scott

The name of a hotel in this large city is: New Delhi, kempinsk,quryon

The time difference between my home and this country is:91/2 hours

Three Things that I find Interesting about india

  1. __Southern in Asia __
  2. _They have a deferent time than us_
  3. _They wear a dress


Hello: Nam astara

Goodbye: alsu

Yes: Has

Thank you: dhan ya va da

How are you?tumn kaise ho

My name is_ me ra na ma kelsey hai__________________: