Miss. Parker's Pals

K-5 Field Trip - Greenville Zoo

What About the Field Trip?

On September 3, 2016, we will go to the Greenville Zoo. All students will arrive to school (with a packed lunch) at 7:45am. The busses will leave at 8:00am sharp and plan on returning to the school at 2:00pm.


- Students: $2.00

- Chaperons: Extra $1.00 (in need of three chaperons!)

***All money should be attached to the student's signed Permission slip. Permission slips due on September 1st!

What Will we be Doing?

*Exploring an animal's:

- Needs

- Senses

- Characteristics

* Talking about appropriate pets

* Learning about how animals move

* Learning about different animal habitats/homes

* Learning specific facts about specific animals

What Type of Animals Will We See?

State Standards Covered:

  • K-2.1 Recognize what organisms need to stay alive (including air, water, food, and shelter).
  • K-2.2 Identify examples of organisms and nonliving things.
  • K-2.3 Match parents with their offspring to show that plants and animals closely resemble their parents.
  • K-2.4 Compare individual examples of a particular type of plant or animal to determine that there are differences among individuals.
  • K-2.5 Recognize that all organisms go through stages of growth and change called life cycles.