The Protista Kingdom

By Isaiah Laurencelle, Brandon Cochran, and Joey Manfarte

Domain & Species

Domain= Eukaryote

Over 250,000 types of species are in the protista kingdom.

Types of cells, Number of cells, and reproduction types

They contain Eukaryotic cells. Some of them are unicellular, while others are mulitcellular. Some produce Sexually and others Asexually.

Unique & Distinguishing Characteristics


The Portista Kingdom lacks specialized tissue and must live in a water-based enviorment to function.


The Protista Kingdom is a category of miscellanious Eukaryotes, not closely realted to eachother.

Type of Nutriton & Method

The Protista is both autotrophic and heterotropic, and by the chemosynthesis and consumption methods.

3 Interesting Facts

Some authorities divide the protista into 27 phyla

In elemtary textbooks protista is split into 3 categories: Plant like algae, Animal like protozones, and Fungus like slime but this is not true.

Based protista is the most dremitive protist.