By: Angelina Hajjar

Table of Content

Chapter 1 : A Boxer Is a Tough Looking Dog.

Chapter 2 : Learning About The Past Of Boxers.

Chapter 3 : Present Day Boxers.

Chapter 4 : Fun Facts.


Hey do you want to learn about boxers? Well boxers are lovely pets that love people. So do you want a boxer? They are great pets for kids. Come on, I well tell you how great they are. But before I tell you about them, I have to tell you that you can trust me I'm an expert on boxers. So come on.
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Chapter 1: A Boxer Is A Tough Looking Dog.

Boxers are huge tough looking dogs. I mean they're huge. They are also tough, playful, and great pets. Adult boxers weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. Their coats are tan, brown, or reddish in color. White marks on there coats are called flash. That white marks are called flash boxers with white marks on there face are called flashy. Boxers are born with floppy ears but some owners want there boxers ears stand-up. Veterinarians can give boxers operation to make there boxers ears stand-up. Boxers are sensitive in the hot or cold weather because there fur is short. That they have short fur it makes it hard for them to cool down by panting because they have short airways. My mom always said, "Did you let the dog out".I say,"Uh uh uh no''.

Chapter 2: Learning About The Past Of Boxers.

A few hundred years ago the boxer breed lived in Europe. One breed is called bullenbeissers. The bullenbeissers is a boxer from the past. Bullenbeissers are strong with powerful jaws. However they are also excellent hunting dogs. Bullenbeissers are extinct. Say bye bye to Bullenbeissers.

Boxers were really important during the World War 1 and World War 2. Then boxers became very popular pets in the United States. Nobody really knows how boxers got their name but people think it came from their habit of punching the air with their paws to play or get attention.

Chapter 3: Present Day Boxers

Today boxers are working dogs and great, lovable, playful pets. They are also very strong and intelligent. They are also great rescue, police,and service, and guard dogs. They fetch objects, open doors, and they turn lights on and off. Boxers are guide dogs for people who are blind. Boxers are very active and are well in sports. They had a long history of helping people. Everyday my mom said, ''To feed the dog day and night and two cups night and day''. Like how much does the dog have to eat. I think the dog have to to eat Earth



Chapter 4: Fun Facts

Many boxers snore when they sleep. Some owners put jackets on their boxers when they have to take them out in the cold. It looks like boxers run 1 million miles an hour. That's faster than a jet.However boxers are very jumpy. They jump and wrap there paws around you to hug you. That's a lot of love from a pet. A boxer is color blind.


Hay i hope you liked the story. I hope you get a boxer. Have a nice day. Now you know so much about boxers. Now you'r an expert on boxers.


Bullenbeissers= A hunting boxer that's extinct.

Fetch = When you throw a ball and a dog catches it

Habit= A habit is something you do repeat it over again.

Flash= White marks on the boxer.

Flashy = White marks on the boxer's face.