Daniel 's reflection

The 15

Today we had assembly we saw the baby pictures of some teachers. then we went to the class room and finished reading the chapter our book.but then we went back to pe and played crab soccer and then we did reading writing workshop.but then in recess our grade level were playing but then we went to lunch I ate with someone in my class last year but he left in the beginning of the year.then it was a test I don't know how to explain it so I did reflex math and then math zones.


The 11th of January

Today we in the morning we read the giver. Then we went to pe and we jump roped. After that we all did reading writing workshop. Then recedes!!!! My goal was to speak Spanish for the whole school time but I failed. So then it was lunch time not much happened so I will skip that. After lunch we did math at first I did reflex math then I played cards with saatwik. After we did a challenge in yummy math we did not win. And that was my day.