All About Raven! (:

This Is Me!! :)

A Little About Me...

Hi my names Raven Lynn Randolph! l’m 14 years old, I love my small town and friends and family. I am a preachers daughter and couldn't imagine my life being better. I love reading, fashion, getting my nails done, singing, going to church, and being outside. I like helping people and I love kids. My mom is Debra Randolph, she is the best mom in the world! She is a sub at school she loves it! My dad is Roger Randolph I could not hand pick a better dad, he is one of the best people in the world. He works for Centurylink, he is the Pastor of Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, he is the assistant fire chief, and on the school bored. I’m an only child but we have a dog named Zach who is practically a human. I love to be around my friends! My best friends are Blake Lee, Cheyanne Snyder, Curt Jones, and Hagen Mitchell! I have known Hagen and Cheyanne forever!!! I have been friends with Cheyanne since I was 6 months old. I met Curt last summer, and Blake this year. I love all of them to death and I don’t know what I would do without them! When Im older I plan to go to University of Arkansas! I want to be a Razorback! I plan to major in education and have a masters in early childhood education! I want to teach preschool when I am older!!

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One Of My Favorite Songs!

Jason Mraz - I won't give up [lyrics]

Am I A Happy Person?

According to an Authentic Happiness Inventory I am considered a very happy person! On a scale of 1-5 i scored a 3.92. Happiness is very important in life because if you are sad its not fun! And whenever you are sad or upset it spreads if you are happy other people will be happy.

Right Brained

I am right brained,this mean I am creative and fun. I am artistic and fun loving, I can memories songs and quotes fast and I prefer to be in a group of people. But being in the spot light doesn't bug me I like attention! I like to be a leader I am a social butterfly! I enjoy writing and reading fiction way more than non-fiction, and I think better when I lying down.

My Personality Type

Whenever we took a personality test I had the letters ENFJ. It says I have a very strong preference of extraversion over introversion. I’m more concerned about whats going on and what will happen because of the choice then just what is in the now. I look at what is going to happen in the future not just right now. I also go with intuition and not just gut feeling. I go with what I know about before not just what I think. The results say I go with emotion more than thinking but that is not true! I always try to think things through. And I go with judging things I think things through.

My Learning Style

I am a Interpersonal learner I had 100% on it! I am good at working with other to explain and help them learn to help me learn. Im good at helping others and giving advise and feedback. Im also a musical learner I enjoy music, singing, play instruments. I listen to music while I study. I am a Linguistic learner too! I do well in school, I ask many questions and am eager to learn.

Skill Confidence

My top five jobs are Administration Support, Correction services, Governance, Consumer Service, and Early Childhood development. The number one job was Administration support. People who work there help choose who are admitted to schools,day care, or college.

Career Interest

My top five career interest according to a an online assessment is Family and community service, Administration support, Travel and tourism, consumer service, and correction service. My number one job interest was Family and community service. That job would involve working with people who are needy in the community or families that need help with children or with anything like food stamps or hud house.

Some Of My Interest

I am social! I like to be in a group or working with other people. I like to help people and give advice. I like when I feel needed when someone shows me that I can help them.

My Future College

College Name: University of Arkansas

Mascot: Razorbacks

Tuition Cost: $7,553

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Phone number: (497) 575-5346


My Personality Color

My personality color is red, I am a leader and I will take lead and I like to help others. But if I don't like doing something or find it boring there is a big chance that I am not gonna want to do it, and if i can get out of it I will. I do not like to be wrong but I accept defeat even when I don't want to. I don't mind to be noticed being the center of attention is okay with me, I want to be respected.

What role do I play in a team?

I am the leader!

My Goals (short term)

Some of my short term goals are:

  • Do good with the babysitting job I have.
  • Find the perfect shoes to wear in Jessica's Wedding!
  • Have straight A's the last nine weeks.
I have been working on my grades, I could probably work harder on studying though. I think Im doing good babysitting I am going to go shopping soon I have my bridesmaid dress I just need shoes.

My Goals (long term)

Some of my long term goals are:

  • Graduate high school, I want to be valedictorian.
  • Go to college and have a masters degree in Early Childhood Education.
  • Teach pre-school.
  • Have a good life, get married!
As far as these I have been keeping my grades up and doing any thing that will look good for college and baby-sitting for my neighbors and cousins to get some training with kids.

My Strengths!

  • I am a leader!
  • I always try to be helpful
  • I am disciplined.
  • I am trustworthy.
  • I am caring.
I use my strengths everyday because I try to help people and Im respectful, i always try to be there when someone needs me and be a leader when people need me!

My Weaknesses!

  • I can be demanding.
  • I am stubborn.
  • I tend to over load myself.
  • I can be passive.
  • I can be moody sometimes.
I have been trying to not be as moody and demanding! I also keep trying to not take on as many jobs let other people have them!