Byzantine Empire

By: Chase Moore

The Byzantine Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia was once the center of the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople. The architectural design of the building represented major advancement that spread across the world.
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The creation of mosaics during the Byzantine Empire brought important historical images to the world that have lasted for thousands of years. Some mosaics were very basic in nature and depicted important religious symbols or important events. Other mosaics took years to complete and have very intricate details.

Jesus the Mosiac

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Moses and the Burning Bush

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The Eagle Golden Bird and Silver tearasses

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The Water Bird Mosiac

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Arabic Art

Arabic Caligraphy Art

Arabic calligraphy art has a long history and continues today to tell stories. Calligraphy is often passed down through families.

Green Diwaini

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Arab Mosaic of the City of Alexandria

This mosaic is from the St. John Church in Jordan and depicts the city at the time of the Arab invasion.
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Arabic Architecture

Cordoba Mosque - Spain

There are many different designs for mosque and each is defined by it's unique Arabic influence. The designs are often affected by the materials available in the areas the mosque are constructed.
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Dome Of The Rock

The Dome of the Rock is one of the most recognized landmarks in the middle-east and holds an important place in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The dome feature like this can be found throughout the word today and owes it history to Arab influence.
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Russian Byzantine Influenced Architecture

Byzantine style architecture played a significant role in Russia and even made a resurgence in the late 1800's with Neo-Byzantine architecture becoming the preferred style.

Kronstadt Naval Cathederal

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Cathederal of Saint Vladimir- Kiev

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Religion Icons Art

Art depicting religious icons was used extensively in Russia. Iconoclastic art had influences across all religions and was often based on the religious beliefs of the leaders.

Mother of God

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St. Nicholas

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