How to kick a soccerball

its easy and fun!!

Step 1:

Find a soccerball.

Step 2:

Find the "inside" part of your foot.
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Step 3:

Step forward with your non-dominant foot.
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Step 4:

Swing your leg back and kick the soccerball using the "inside" of your foot.

Step 5:

Once you have kicked the soccerball, follow through.
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It's a lot of Fun!

You can pass the soccerball back and forth with someone or play the game of soccer.


  • If you are kicking the soccerball a farther distance, use more force and if you knocking the soccerball a shorter distance, use less force.
  • If you are kicking it a farther distance you can take a running start.
  • If you are kicking the soccerball hard, I suggust wearing shoes because if you don't it would probably hurt (it depends on how hard you kick the soccerball).