Down The Rabbit Hole

Peter Abrahams

Back Ground Of The Crime

Ingrid Levin-Hill, age 13 is a star soccer player and aspiring actress. She stumbles into a murder mystery when her parents are late picking her up from the orthodontist. She gets lost in a seedy part of town when she tries to find her own way to soccer practice.
A down and out woman known in the town as "Cracked up Katie" helps Ingrid by inviting her into her home, and calling a taxi for her. The next morning, Ingrid reads the headline to find that Katie has been killed, and she was most likely the last to see her alive.
Ingrid is afraid that she will be suspected, not to mention in trouble with her parents for going into a stranger's house if she reveals her contact with Katie. It gets complicated when she realizes she left her distinctive red soccer shoes in Katie's home. At night, she sneaks to Katie's house, breaks in, and retrieves her shoes. While hiding under a bed, she sees the feet of someone else obviously searching for something in the house.
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Ingrid- Main Character

Cracked Up Katie

mysteriouse people in katies house

katies nehibors who were wrongly arrested



brother Ty

Vincent Dunn


Chief Strade

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Plot/ Procedure for solving

Two men, neighbors of Katie's are arrested for the murder. Ingrid believes they are innocent based on their friendship with Katie and her observation of their footwear. To find the killer, she engages in a number of questionable activities including ditching school, driving her grandfather's car, sneaking out at night, and sneaking into the mansion where the community theatre will be performing a play about Alice in Wonderland. Needless to say, Ingrid solves the case.


My refelction of this book is that it was a very interesting read. This was due to the solid story line that the author has written that keeps you interacted. Also the array of characters gives you a good list to choose from as to which you find most interesting etc. Finally my favorite part about this book was the ending! I think that without it the book definatley wouldnt be the same and i highly recommend this read to anyone looking for a book that doesnt want to get sucked into a popular series but more of just a sit by the pool relaxation type of read.
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Key Notes? Interesting Facts

1.) Ingrid is only thirteen yet still has the audacity to steal her grandfathers car.

2.) the author portrays a message to the reader that you should follow your instincts becasue when ingrid doesnt follow her gut feeling it gets her into trouble but when she does she gets the mystery solved.

3.) Ingrid gets chased by a murderer through a mansion at some point in the book