HR Internal Update

April 2018

Aspiring Assistant Principals- Cohort 1

Our last session with Cohort 1 Aspiring AP Pool will be on 4/25. This will be a crucial meeting as those in the "pool" will be doing their final presentation to various CS staff. Presentations will be recorded for Aspiring AP's to review and members of the team will give feedback to the candidates to determine maintenance in the pool for 18-19.

Aspiring Assistant Principals- Cohort 2

This cohort has been chosen and we have an informational meeting scheduled in May so that I can share with them the support plan for 18-19. We are continuing to learn and grow with this process.

NYCLA Cohort 2- Aspiring Principals

The NEW Aspiring Principal Cohort has been chosen. We have 9 new candidates to learn and grow this year. I will be in the summer intensive teaching and supporting them for 3 weeks in July.

HR Staff Meeting

Our next scheduled meeting is April 26, 2018 beginning at 9:00.