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We want to help you pick out what is best for your lost Loved One. We offer direct cremation with or without a memorial service, graveside burial, and traditional burial. Each of these services come with many services in them. Please read further for more information on our services. We offer several different religious books that you can choose a reading from to suit your loved one. Here is a website that can further help you in your decisions and some questions you might not have thought of yet ( Here is another website that can help you plan the funeral or memorial (

We want to make your loved one's memorial exactly what they would want.

We can give you many options in different traditions and religions within your price range. We know that the loss of a family member can be more than just a loss of the loved one but also comes with many costs. We can help you find the right services to fit your budget and your traditions.

What we have to offer

Come to Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Let us help you set up your Loved One's services! We can help you find the right services and make the many decisions that comes with the loss of a loved one. We are here for you!