Buenos Aires, Argentina

The beautiful Paris of south america peaceful, warm ,sunny

Delicious Delicacies

You may think that spicy food and strange peppers is all that they eat but they have more than you can imagine! On nice cold days slurp a steaming cup of "mate"(mah-tay) which is a tea leaf drink drunk in a special cup.Get ready because Argentina eats more beef than any other country in the world! Have an afternoon tea with a friend or just a complete stranger because argentines are very warm and welcoming. So give your taste buds a paradise vacation.

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Really? No way.

In 1810 a revolution lasted 6 years before their independence was declared. There are about 12,431,000 people that live in Argentina which is also the worlds fifth largest metropolitan area. That's a small world. Each and every Sidewalk restaurant tells a snippet of Argentinas long history. In 1806 before the revolution Spain took over Argentina after France had lost it. Argentinas history is unexpected and cool when you put it all together.

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Exploring Buenos Aires!

There's all kinds of things you can do in Buenos Aires. Play common sports like golf,tennis,riding,fishing,horse racing,polo,soccer,rugby,and even boating! Enjoy late night shows of the best Oprah in the colon theater. Listen to excellent folkloric music at countless restaurants around the exquisite city. And on peaceful evenings you can hear congo music being played by small combos. Enjoy your evenings instead of sleeping your peace away.

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Cool! Where?

More than two thirds of Argentinas population is in the pampas. Plus most of the economic activities are held there too! But if you are more of a snowy, cold person, The Moreno glacier would be a rocking place to see. If you hadn't noticed by now, you can see much more than you could see in the U.S.

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The people you might meet.

About 97% of Argentinas population are related to European immigrants. With every different region comes a different accent. Look out for those slang talkers with their ever changing language of "lunfardo", which came from Italy. Commonly spoken, is "vos" which also came from Italy but then morphed with Spanish which is how it came to be.

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great time to go!

Cool ocean winds blow to keep the beautiful city smog free and fresh. January is the hot blistering season and July is the freezing season. In the chaco region, northeast is hot and dry except for the summer, rainy season. The hot subtropical north and cold subantarctic regions are completely different. You decide when your perfect trip will be.

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