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The Federal government believes in the Constitution, and a strong government. The Federal government has three branches the Executive branch witch enforces the laws, the Judaical branch witch makes sure the laws are not unconstitutional, and the Legislative branch makes the laws. There is no need for a separate Bill of Rights because it is In The Constitution.

Every 4 years you can vote

We believe that there should be a strong Federal government and that the people should have power. So, we give you the chance to elect a new leader every four years. You can also have a new representative every two years. We will give YOU power too. The people would have power and rights according to the NEW constitution.

The government is guaranteed to represent you.

Frequently asked questions

> What is the branches that Federalists support?

> What are Federalists?

> How could our government be better if we are Federalists?

We are Federalists :)