Harry Houdini


In this trick Harry Houdini would be in a knotted bag with his hands fastened behind his back. He would then be put in a large box that was strapped close. The box is then put in a cabinet. The curtain would close, Mrs. Houdini would clap three times and Harry Houdini would open the curtain and Mrs Houdini would be in the bag with her hands fastened inside the box and cabinet. To start the trick Harry would have to free himself from the ropes. He simply would free himself from the ropes as the bag is raised over his head. He would then pull a rope inside the bag to free himself. The box would be oversized and had a panel to exit from. Harry himself would do the clapping and Mrs. Houdini would climb inside the box, close the panel, and tie the knots then the curtain would open.