The iWatch

By Diana and Ellie

"Scratch Resistant" or "Scratch Proof"?

Internet has many opinions on the iWatch . It says that it is "scratch resistant" but others say it is "scratch proof". So some videos and sites say that it depends on what price it costs. The more expensive the less scratches it will get.

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Is the iWatch Really Useful?

It's 2016 and people really don't use watches, but a year ago Apple made an iWatch. Why did Apple make an iWatch? In my opinion i think they made it, just for a more modern way of using a watch. People don't use their watches to tell time, more people nowadays use their phone instead.The Apple watch a lot similar to an iPhone ,it has the same iPhone features just a smaller version of a phone.

Pro's and Con's


-It needs an iPhone to work

-People don't wear watches anymore

-It's another gadget to wear

-It costs a lot and its not that useful




-Solid construction

-Smaller version of an iPhone

-Ability to send and receive calls

Apple Watch: Consumer Reports' First Test Results | Consumer Reports

Why did NASA make it?

They could see, or test it how it would work in space. For an example, the iWatch can be used to check the temperature and time. iWatch probably had to be light to wear and experiment in space.

How was this product used in space?

Also the product could have been used in space by tracking how far it's there from here.

So the mission statement was positive.The executive took it as a sign that apple has changed fundamentally and for the worse since Steve Jobs died.