Salt Water

Characteristics : salty, found in oceans, salt lakes and and marshes-salinity

Examples: Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean

Fact: The total concentration of salt is 3.5%. As a result, the density of saltwater (1.028) is greater than freshwater. Therefore, freshwater floats above saltwater.

Clown fish

Brackish Water

Characteristics: brackish water contains between 0.5 and 30 grams of salt per litre, mixture of salt and feshwater

Examples:Thames River, Baltic Sea, North Sea

Fact: Brackish water is hostile to the growth of most plant species, without appropriate management it is damaging to the environment


Characteristics: Fresh water has low concentrations of dissolved salts. Mostly found in ice caps and glaciers

Examples:Lake Mead, Aral Sea

Fact:The United States uses more water per capita than developing countries. The average American’s daily shower uses more water than a person in a developing country would use for an entire day.