The Gridiron Gazette - 4/9/20

From the Desk of the Head Coach - The Covid-19 Edition

Issue #3

Topics to be highlighted

  1. Covid and Corona
  2. Weightroom Fundraising
  3. The Lights
  4. Summer Brochure
  5. Golf Tournament
  6. Camps/Summer Opportunities

We are moving forward using the original dates for summer we have set, hopefully we will be notified in the next week as to what the future of the quarantine.

Covid and Corona

Sports Update

Like to give everyone information as to the effect of Corona/Covid on our athletes. There have been a lot of predictions but hopefully things settle down this Summer. Be safe everyone!

  1. At this point all activities are cancelled
  2. Athletes can exercise on their own but are to avoid groups
  3. On May 4th we will have an update from the Governor on how to proceed
  4. Stay tuned for workouts, we will be sending them out soon.
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Weightroom Fundraising

Weightroom Fundraising

Despite the quarantine we are still trying to improve our facilities. Here are the latest numbers. We are only $1500 away from our goal! We have a great community! Again anything is appreciated!

Revenue: $5,521.94

Expenses: $1,294.52

Balance: $4,227.42

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The Lights!

The Lights

We will be turning on the stadium lights for 20 minutes and 20 seconds @ 8PM every Monday Night in honor of our Seniors (the class of 2020) and all our Bluejackets! #BeTheLight Redbird field and Mann Field are joining in the effort and you can too, please turn on your front light Mondays @ 8PM for 20:20 lets show the state how we do it Cambridge-Isanti!

If you are so inclined reply to this feed with a picture of your front light on.

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Summer Time

Summer 2020

Below is information for Summer Football Activities. The $80 fee pays for

  1. Equipment Rental
  2. Officials for Scrimmage with Anoka and Princeton
  3. Bus Transportation to Princeton
  4. St. Francis Passing League
  5. Bluejacket O/D Line Academy

We are currently working on other opportunities outside of our normal summer activities, stay tuned!

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Bluejacket Passing Academy

Bluejacket Passing Academy

We are excited to be partnering with Hamline University Football to improve our Passing Game. This is separate from the other summer activities but a great opportunity. $40 per player. Academy will be contingent on number of participants.
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Golf Tournament

8th Annual Bluejacket Open

We are still on for May 30th for the golf tournament unless we are redirected from the Governor.

Summer Time Camps

Just a few summer camps out there if your looking for more opportunities for your player

Almost every college/university program has summer football opportunities. Google searching the school name and "football camp" will get you there. Here are few that are offering camps

  1. Minnesota - Duluth
  2. Minnesota - PJ Fleck
  3. Mankato State
  4. Minnesota Vikings
  5. Augsburg College
  6. Southwest Minnesota State - Marshall, MN
  7. Winona State - Winona
  8. North Dakota State
  9. Concordia St. Paul
  10. St. Johns University