By Walter Dean Myers

Main characters:

Steve Harmon, a sixteen year old boy framed for Felony Murder.

James King. another suspect involved in the crime

Kathy O' Brien, Steve's lawyer/ Defense attorney

Briggs: James King's defense attorney

"I'll call it what the lady who is the prosecutor calls me: MONSTER"


There are multiple conflicts throughout the story, like King and Steve. Or O' Brien and Petrocelli. They don't get along at all. Which counts as a man vs man Confllict


The point of view changes all the time, It starts in third person then it transfers to first. When Steve does his journal entries, it is in first person; right after that its back into third. So basically it changes from first person to first person omniscient
So then,

Monster is about a 16 year old boy named Steve Harmon. He was convicted of first degree murder due to being pulled into trial and questioned.