Peter the Great

By: Erica Revello

Peter the Great's Personality

  • Peter the Great's personality ranged from the cruelest person to the most selfless person.
  • When he ruled Russia he used terror for absolute power.
  • He was willing to do anything for his country and the people in it.
  • He was also very smart and confident as a leader.

Peter the Great's Accomplishments

  • He improved education, by setting up academies for the study of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • He improved waterways and canals, developed mining and textile manufacturing, and backed new trading companies.
  • He created the largest army in Europe at that time, built a world-class navy, and extended Russian borders to the west and south.
  • Peter died in 1725, but during his reign he expanded Russian territory, gained ports on the Baltic Sea, and created a large army.

Peter the Great's Policies

  • After returning from the West, Peter said boys have to shave their beards.
  • He also forced them to replace their old-fashioned robes with Western clothes.
  • To end separating upper-class women and men, he held parties where women and men had to dance together. Russian nobles opposed this, but they had to do it.
  • He passed laws ensuring that nobles retained control over their lands, including the serfs on those lands.

Fun Facts about Peter the Great's Reign

  • Peter was 10 years old when he took the throne in 1682, but didn't take control of the government until 1689.
  • St. Petersburg became a great symbol of Peter’s effort to create modern Russia.
  • In 1725, Peter's reign was over because he died.