Hair transplantation in Pakistan

Hair transplant in Pakistan, Fue hair transplant Pakistan

Hair transplantation in Pakistan


Hair transplantation is the method of growing hair in order to cure baldness. The presence of hair makes a great difference in our personality and nobody ones to go bald. A bald person looks more aged in comparison to a person who has hair. In addition if you have good amount of hair on your head you would find yourself confident and easy.

Hair transplant in Pakistan

In the past people use to apply all sorts of temporary techniques for covering their baldness but with the passage of time there has been a marked improved in the technology related to hair transplant. The hair transplant in Pakistan is very popular as it has one of the best hair transplant centres in Asia. Moreover the best part of hair transplantation is that it is the permanent cure for baldness. We can say that it is a one-time investment which gives you results for the rest of your life.

FUE hair transplant in Pakistan

FUE hair transplant is the latest addition in the field of hair transplant in Pakistan and the rest of the world.FUE is follicular unit extraction procedure which is the latest preferred method over FUT or follicular unit transplantation. The FUE hair transplant in Pakistan is very popular which is one of the main method to acquire follicular units. This method ideally requires group of one to four hair for transplantation which are naturally present in the scalp. In this method the follicular units are taken out directly from the hair restoration donor area of the patient one by one. This method is preferred over strip harvesting as it does not require the removal of skin from the patient besides its dissection into various follicular units.

o These days even the advanced FUE method has come to use which requires the creation of donor pools by harvesting follicles. In this method the follicles are harvested from areas outside the head like chest, lungs, beard and back.

Cost of hair transplant in Pakistan

Knowing about the cost of the hair transplant is the most common and widely asked question that every patient wants to know.

o The cost of hair transplant in Pakistan depends on many factors which includes number of grafts, qualification, operation theatre, laboratory charges, reputation of the surgeon and cost of the staff and medicine.The FUE hair transplant is very popular in Pakistan. In this method the patient is charged on the follicle basis or per graft. This procedure is costly as it requires one by one extraction of hair follicles.

o Ideally the cost of FUE transplant in Pakistan is about $2400 for 2000 grafts which is also available in discount.

o On the other hand the FUT surgery for 2500 follicles costs around $70-$80 which is around 80000 Pak Rupee.

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