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October 17

Maps in the Making


Making connections helps students find ways to personally relate to a text. Here are some sample questions for each type of connection:

*Focusing on text-to-self connections:

What does this story remind you of?

Can you relate to the characters in the story?

Does anything in this story remind you of anything in your own life?

*Focusing on text-to-text connections:

What does this remind you of in another book you have read?

How is this text similar to other things you have read?

How is this text different from other things you have read?

*Focusing on text-to-world connections:

What does this remind you of in the real world?

How are events in this story similar to things that happen in the real world?

How are events in this story different from things that happen in the real world?

In phonics this week we will be looking at the letters sh, th, ch, tch, or, and ar.


We will continue to improve our personal narratives with good beginnings and many details.

This week we will introduce nouns. We will be looking for nouns in our reading and our writing. The children should be able to identify nouns as people, places, animals, and things.


We will be solving subtraction problems. We also work daily in our math journals on the following skills: word problems, skip counting, place value, the equal sign, sketching and expanding numbers, number bonds...

Social Sciences

We will studying our great state of Alabama, the past and present.

On Friday, November 4, will celebrate the 50th day of school. This will be a day when children can dress up 1950's style. Girls can wear poodle skirts and boys jeans rolled up and white t-shirts. We will be playing games and doing many activities 1950's style on this special day.

Upcoming Events

  • October 19 - Wear Pink for Turn Trussville Pink Day
  • October 20- Field Trip to McWane Center- Cancelled due to water damage
  • October 31 - Wear black or orange day
  • November 4 - 50th day of school
  • November 5- Fall Festival 9:30-12:30

Good Citizen of the Week

Congratulations to our Good Citizen this week!

Thank you for always being so helpful!

Important Messages

  • Our McWane Center Field Trip has been cancelled due to severe water damage. I will let you know as soon as it has been rescheduled. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  • Don't forget about gathering supplies for our "Arts and Crafts" basket to be auctioned off at the Fall Festival on November 5.

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