Change of Careers

Jake Lewis

Considering a Change

1. Decide what you want. Know what you really want to do.

2. Once you narrow down what you want, make a pitch offer. Tell your future employer what you'll give in the future.

3. Build your "tribe". These are going to be the people who will be with you and encourage you during your transition.

Developing Plan

4. Understand the reason behind your change.

5. Get your life in order.

6. Be practical. If possible, do this in steps.

Making the Change

7. Be prepared for setbacks.

8. Make sure to research.

Beginning the New Journey

9. Do something everyday to get closer to your goal. Don't be lazy.

10. Don't lock yourself into a must-have salary. Money is the biggest setback in career changing. Chances are, when you start again, you'll have to cut your salary even slightly, at least for a while.

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