Mrs. Mogg's Monday Memo

.... except we won't be here Monday....


In the lead in Rocket Math on LEVEL W is Riley!

Following her on LEVEL R are Kenzee and Sydney,

On LEVEL P are Madison and Samantha, and Skylar,

On LEVEL O is Eli and on N is Linus.

Keep working on memorizing those addition facts !


Students earn points for taking quizzes on books! We have books in the classroom, as well as books from our library. The public library has tons of books on which students can take quizzes (look for the lavender label). Probably most of the books you have at home have quizzes, too!

Remember to record your child's reading for the PTO fundraiser!

AR means Accelerated Reader. The quizzes are part of a computer program that the school system uses. Quizzes can only be taken here at school.

Keep encouraging your child to read and sign up to take quizzes. This is great for reading comprehension!

In the lead with AR POINTS:

over 50 points: Kenzee

over 40: Landon

over 30: Eli, Madison, London, Maddox

over 20: Alana, Sydney, Skylar, Linus, Dominic, Riley, and Ja'naJah

Spelling list for next 2 weeks:

List Test will be Friday, Jan. 22

Applied skills test Jan. 29

  1. found

  2. round

  3. add

  4. food

  5. between

  6. own

  7. below

  8. fudge

  9. judge

  10. howl

  11. flower

  12. toy

  13. enjoy

  14. noise

  15. moist

  16. last

  17. school

  18. father

  19. keep

  20. tree


Each library day (every 4 days) your child is expected to pick out 2 library books, read them, and take a quiz on those books before the next library day. They can be read at school in free time or at home as part of the expected 20 minutes of evening reading. This reading can also count toward the PTO fundraiser.

The student must pass the AR quizzes (on the computers here at school) before returning the library books and getting 2 more.

If the student does not meet that goal, the result is a tally mark in "effort" on the behavior chart.

If the student gets the goal met a day early, there is a monetary reward.

Subtraction with regrouping

Most students are doing well with this tough skill. I've tried to help them with corrections and the process as much as I could. Many of the math papers coming home today still need to be corrected and/or finished. It will greatly benefit your child if you take the time to do that. The papers do not need to be returned to school.

Special Area classes:

Tues - Library

Wed. - Music

Thurs. - Gym

Fri - Art


In Math, we will continue to work on Subtraction with Regrouping

We will also work on Number Lines and using Addition to check Subtraction.

In Reading, we'll read the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin.