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Yearbook Group Captures Memories at BEAMS.

Logan E.

Blue Earth -- In yearbook, students take pictures to capture memories from events like Homecoming, Harvest Dinner, Veterans Day Program, Kindness Week, and School Field Trips. Right before the books go on sale, yearbook committee members make posters to hang in the hall to promote that the books are on sale. Each yearbook staff member also helps design the pages to create a memorable yearbook. They are sold in February of each year. The students who ordered them will receive them at the end of the year in may. Yearbooks sell for $16.00 each.Yearbook at is a group at BEAMS that is open all for students to join. If you are interested in signing up for yearbook next year, you should attend the meeting held next January in lab 111 at the Middle School.

Mrs. Driscoll is the yearbook adviser, and she says, “Being in yearbook is a fun extracurricular activity for students to join and get involved with.” She also shares, “the yearbook is [made] to preserve the memories of the middle years.” Yearbook gives people the opportunity to take pictures and be creative. Mrs. Driscoll says, “Yearbook is a fun activity for kids to do and be a part of.”