The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul

By Douglas Adams

Presentation By Philip Bock

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"she threaded her way back across the check-in concourse, and had almost made it to the exit when she happened to glance back at the check-in desk that had defeated her, and was just in time to see shoot up through the roof engulfed in a ball of orange flame."

Heathrow airport terminal two explodes, miraculously a woman called Kate Schechter survives, the explosion is ruled an "act of god". At the same time a detective named Dirk Gently is investigating a murder of one of his clients, who is found decapitated seemingly impossibly. Both of those events occur by the hand of beings from norse mythology. The stories of these two people become intertwined as the plot complicates and somehow they end in the same place.

Note: This plot is very complicated so I did my best to sum it up without giving anything away

Who should read this?

If you prefer a cookie cutter story with a typical series of events or read right before bed then this book is not for you. The first because this is not a cookie cutter story by any stretch of the imagination and the latter because it leaves you thinking and it will keep you up.

But, if you are a mystery fan and can stand a complicated storyline, this is for you.

If you like Douglas Adams's other books like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you will most likely like this book. It is also relatively quick read (I read it in a day). So if you meet this criteria, READ THIS BOOK.

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Emotions felt

The most common emotion I felt whilst reading The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul was confusion, not to say I didn't enjoy the book (Because that would be a lie), but the extreme improbability of just about every turn the book takes is unlike any other author I have read. After the confusion subsides it turns into awe I am feeling. The ability to take: a drunken detective who can't navigate while in a car, a woman who miraculously survived an explosion, and norse gods, and make a cohesive plot is one only Douglas Adams has.

However, I suppose the emotions I am supposed to write about are the ones I felt relating to the characters. Seeing as most of the characters are very outrageous I will write mostly about the incompetent detective Dirk Gently. I was surprised and horrified at the start of the story when Dirk stumbled into a crime scene involving a decapitated man's head spinning on on a record player while it played "Don't pick it up" repeatedly.

"He seemed generally to be casual and relaxed, with his legs crossed in a half-finished cup of coffee on the small table beside him. Distressingly, though his head was sitting neatly on the middle of the record which was revolving on the hi-fi turntable."

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The theme of this book is very difficult to find, I refuse to use "never give up" due to it's common cliché usage. So I finally came to a conclusion, expect the unexpected, it perfectly fit the abnormal plot and could be used as a hope giving message. Even from the first chapter I didn't anticipate any of the new turns. This is also true in life you cant be 100% sure of what is to come. So the one thing I would say this book will teach you is to expect the unexpected.