Safety Risks: Coming In To Override

Tis the Seasonal Reoccurance of Hysterical Contradicting Ads

The Beginning

The woman turns towards the television, searching for an answer to her low self esteem and image. There, she finds an advertisement, that in which seems to be the solution. Ignoring the risks in fine print at the bottom of the screen, she calls the number, hoping for them to pick up the phone. Once they answered, it was all downhill. It started out with a glance, and ended out with a situation uncontrollable. Since the woman didn't read the safety risks, she suffered a great lost.

Thesis- Safety risks found on advertisements are important to read before purchasing a product to ensure that there are no complications or side effects with using the product.


The woman who called the pharmaceutical franchise was hoping to find the medication to fill up her cheeks and add volume to her aged face. Unfortunately she did not read the WARNING at the bottom of the ad and engaged in a major rash and broke out in hives. Her skin was broken out with acne from her hairline to her chin and her cheeks with hard. She definitely got the volume she desired but this probably was what she was expecting. She was terrified to look at herself in the mirror and wanted to sue the franchise.

Informational Website for Safety Risks

Other Address: National Product Testing and Evaluation Center

5 Research Place
Rockville, MD 20850


The franchise was informed about her breaking out and emailed her back. There wasn't really anything the company could do. It wasn't the company's fault that her face was allergic to the pore filler formulation and there was no way that she could sue them. I was her fault for not reading the ad clearly ad not noticing the the fine print that clearly stated "TAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK...THE SIDE AFFECTS INCLUDE: throbbing, hard cheeks, hives, acne, itchiness and more...".


The conclusion to this woman's story that is quite similar to many other people is that one needs to keep an eye out for any side effects or allergies from the product because they may affect them. The products in commercials are not all horrendous in terms of the side effects, yet still need the attention in order to ensure safety for the customer.

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