By.Madeline Buchman

Background Information

Capital- Port-au-Prince

Major Cities- Cap-Haïtien and Jerémie


-Controlled by France

-Now independent

-Independence Day- January 1, 1804

-Official language is French/ Haitian Creole

Geographical Information/ Government/ Economic and Trade Information

-Located to the left of the Dominican Republic, which takes up half of the island, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

-Physical Features- Mountains- Grand-Anse, Sud-Est, and Artibonite- Islands- Gonãve- Peninsula- Tiburon Peninsula

-Type of Government- Elected Government

-Leader- Michel Martelly (President)

-Relations with Other Countries- United States has assisted Haiti in growth throughout the years, helping mostly with economics. Dominican Republic helps trade and increases jobs.

-Currency- Haitian Gourde

-Economic System- Capitalism

-Imports- Top 5 imports are rice, heavy pure woven cotton, knit shirts, raw sugar, and poultry meat- Top 5 places that import goods to Haiti- Dominican Republic, the United States, China, Peru, and Colombia

Exports- Top 5 exports are knit shirts/sweaters, men's suits, scrap iron, and men's shirts- Top 5 export destinations- The United States, Canada, Vietnam, Mexico, and Thailand

Tours, Landmarks, and Tourist Information

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