Sustain DCSD

January 2016

Registration Deadline Extended to Jan. 8!

The 2015-2016 Sustainability Incentive Program is now available! DCSD is offering financial incentives to address:

1. Energy Reduction (20% of your actual savings!)

2. Waste Diversion ($500 for elementary, $750 for middle, and $1000 for high school)

3. Transportation ($500 for elementary, $750 for middle, and $1000 for high school)

Please register your school here. The deadline to register has been extended to January 8th! Register now!

See additional details at:

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Thanks for being awesome Glenn Kirby!

Glenn Kirby is an electrician and an educator, helping students and teachers learn how to conduct energy audits and conserve energy throughout the schools. Here is Glenn co-presenting with Courtney from Sustainability on lighting and audits at Roxborough Intermediate. His positivity and enthusiasm are contagious and he makes energy audits come alive. Thanks for what you do, Glenn!
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Apply for Green Up Our Schools 16-17!

Green Up Our Schools is a grant program that supports elementary school waste reduction & recycling programs.

Schools accepted into the program receive $2,000 over 3 years, personalized assistance achieving their goals, and support from our partners and local member schools.

Collaboration Station

Ever wondered what other schools are doing? Check out the Sustainability Program. Share your own story and get ideas from others!

If you aren't able to access it, just email us and we will invite you to the folder.

DCSD Sustainability & Energy Management

For all you DCSD folks (sorry community partners, this is internal-only!), check out our internal website where we are compiling resources, how-tos, and guides to sustainability and energy management at DCSD.